E. Newsome, AKA, The 5th Letter is a well-rooted pillar into the rich history of Pittsburgh’s music scene. Starting in middle school, The 5th Letter would quickly gain the attention and respect in the beginning infrastructure into the areas music culture. He would attend the Battleground Round-ups in front of the Candy-Rama in Downtown Pittsburgh. Without a pre-written rhyme, he displayed his talents while battling notable MC’s such as, The Mailman, Love Letter, Ty-Sky and Mr Bill to name a few.

Being the youngest in the battles, he shocked the older guys and forged his name in the city as a force to be reckoned with. As the Battle culture tapered off in the early 80’s, The 5th Letter would go on to join a group known as 3D. The group would go on to torch talent shows throughout the city, travel with Sly Jock and Mark C Productions. They would go on to win the Best Rapper in Pittsburgh Show held at Robert Morris University.

By the late 80’s, as the culture of hip hop started to make its mark in the mainstream music industry, 3D morphed into the well-known group D-train. D-train became one of Pittsburgh’s most notable names on the East End. D-train would eventually lose the gift of The 5th Letter as he decided to go solo in the early 90’s. The 5th Letter took a hiatus from music during the mid 90’s but emerged in 1998 and took 5 of the hottest MCs in Pittsburgh and formed yet another force, The Nickel,  that would be yet another highly regarded group in Pittsburgh’s rich music culture. Under the Nickle, The 5th Letter would rock shows and release timeless CD’s. During this process, he linked with Top 5 Entertainment in which he first came across Cowboy Raw. Together, they formed Gold Rose Productions.

Standing the test of time, The 5th Letter has seen and been a major key in the growth of Pittsburgh’s music scene. Understanding the impact of the digital revolution, Gold Rose Productions serves as a web base marketing tool geared towards giving their fans a direct to consumer platform to have access to their music and merchandise.