Raoul Gibson, better known as B-Dub, Dub, Raw Meat, Cowboy Raw or simply Cowboy has gone through much more than name changes since he entered the street life & music business as a young soldier in the street wars on the treacherous streets of Homewood, Pa.


Homewood, PA was the first neighborhood on the east coast to experience real Gang activity & B-Dub was a part of it all way before he began rapping. In the late 80’s & early 90’s, Several Crip gang sets emerged in Homewood, PA which caused young black males especially, to go into serious survival mode. The gang activity caused an immediate increase in drug trafficking, illegal firearm distribution the associated violence & homicides.


As a young black male, Dub was exposed to & directly involved and affected by every aspect of the gang life from the birth of it in Homewood. Often the turf wars between different Crip sets in the Homewood neighborhood alone was more vicious than people ever really knew because a lot of the homicides never made the news and were swept under the rug as simply, “Drug Related” & barely investigated.

Crips from different sets just streets apart were often at War with each other for control of the drug sales from street to street. This very reckless & dangerous activity fueled B-Dubs lyrical content & intrigued his listeners immediately especially because they knew it was coming from someone who was directly a part of such a vicious lifestyle.


As west coast rappers began to play a major part in the music business, gang members in Pittsburgh began to explore rapping as a way to express their real life experiences.  In the midst of all the drama that “Crippin” brought to Dub’s life, he found time to write & record material with various crews in Homewood & the city in general. Dub began to actually work on his craft as a performing artist performing in showcases & talent shows throughout the city. Eventually, at the early age of 16, Dub caught the attention of a National Recording artist by the name of Blak Czer who was signed to Relativity Records which was associated with Sony Music Entertainment.


After meeting, Dub & Blak Czer realized that they had family and friends in common and decided to work on a song together called “The Hood” which actually was released on a CD called Tales From Da Black Side which was released in 1994. Unfortunately, a juvenile gun possession charge in 1993 led to Dub’s 1994 incarceration for 6 months.


After Dubs return to the streets, he continued to write, record, perform & slowed down on the gang bangin’ but Homewood continued to be just as dangerous as ever. A neighborhood friend & rap comrade, B. Porter gave him a new nickname Raw Meat as released new material. B. Porter said the ladies would soon treat Dub like Raw Meat as they chased after him. Dub didn’t actually put the name to use until 2003.


In 1998, Dub began to get focused on a recording with several guys from the hood that were formally be known as The Nickel. The Nickel concentrated their efforts for 2 years creating a release called Trendsettin’ 2000. The release was a major success in the Pittsburgh streets.


In 2003, Dub aka Raw Meat Released his debut solo release I-79.  This release heated up the streets and really made Raw Meat realize his true potential as an artist who could really make a living off of his music. After this release, Raw meat teamed up with Greedy Records & recorded over 100 songs and a few videos. The only problem was his trouble with the law. In 2003, 2004 & 2005 he caught 2 new cases each year. In the end, Raw Meat was sentenced to 6 years in prison and came home in 2011 bigger & stronger than ever. Armed with plenty material and friends who believed in his skill, Raw Meat linked up with his old celly who set up a new record label and went straight into the studio to record.


In 2012, Raw took his 1st 10 songs he recorded & released  ‘The Oath” which immediately took the streets by storm with production fled by Stevie B. who was one of the cities hottest new most sought after producers.  Shortly after the release, Raw Meat realized that he needed to separate himself from the label he recorded “The Oath”.

 In 2013, Raw Meat decided to create his Own independent record label & entertainment company, Goldrose Productions, LLC. Raw’s vision was to create this label to create & release street documentaries, movies & music & clothing while eventually teaching young new talent entrepreneurship. He immediately sat with a designer and created a dozen t-shirt designs & pressed & sold 17 dozen shirts throughout the whole city. Unfortunately, his trouble with the law wasn’t over. In late 2013, a violation got him sentenced to 3 more years but after fighting the case for 2 years while in prison, he was released in 2015.


In 2015 Raw Meat came home only to find that some of his material that he recorded before his incarceration was lost. He regrouped & sought after new production outside the city via the internet. Raw Meat decided to deliver new material, with new production with a whole new approach to releasing the material to the world. With so many new approaches, came a new name.


In 2016, Raw Meat placed several songs on a website under the name Cowboy Raw that serviced his song in various countries without any visual support with a remarkable response. Cowboy used this as a test run for his upcoming plan. In 2017, Cowboy will launch his multi-media website which will allow his fans to preview & purchase his new singles & videos starting with the Controversial Release, Right Here ft. 5th Letter and Narco. 


Today with the goldroseproductions.com website, social media and the marketing & promotion assisting companies, Cowboy plans to gain maximum exposure will earn 100% of his profits. The only thing that can stop this seasoned vet is himself. The world is waiting & Cowboy plans to release new songs and videos every month to satisfy his oh so every day growing fan base.